AI in mobile application development

AI has been a part of mobile application development since the early days of the industry. They have been used to improve user experience and automate processes. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide users with personalized experiences and help developers create more efficient applications.

Choosing Flutter for mobile application development

Popular cross-platform conception could not be ignored by industry monster Google. So, React Native got his maybe main competitor for now.
Flutter is attracting a lot of attention from all the developers and customers. Many technological meetups, conferences and talk shows are referring to this particular cross-platform. The number of Flutter mobile apps in AppStore and Google Play have been increasing more and more.

Specifics of Mobile app testing

Every day many people use mobile phones. Some of them have even more than one phone. With the growing number of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications became more and more popular. Users expect that installed applications are simple, intuitive and work stable. So mobile application development and it’s testing (as a part development lifecycle) is very important nowadays.
Mobile application testing is more complex than testing traditional desktop and web applications. There are specific factors that need to be considered in the testing process: