I am afraid that the company will disappear, vanish, and no one will accompany the program

We work on the market of mobile applications development since 2010. After the completion of each project we continue working with our clients, providing support services for products made by us: making quick changes to applications, improving and updating applications and simply responding to current issues in the process of applications usage. Even if the client does not need further support, they can be sure that we are ready to help him even after a year or 2 or even 3 years later after the end of the contract.

What if you will make app and then "vanish" along with the source code. What will I do when further changes is required?

All source code will be transferred to the customer immediately after the completion of the project. Intellectual property rights certainly belong to the customer. So you can dispose of it as you like, for example sell it or transfer to another developer for modifying.

Are you real company or just virtual team of freelancers?

Yes, Mobiwolf is real company. Our office is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our core Android and iOS developers are working there. Also, we can reenforce certain project team with our freelancers who we are successfully cooperate with during a long time.

How many developers do you have? Can you extend your team easily?

Currently there are 10+ IT engineers in our company. Our company staff consists of the technical university graduates. All the engineers have bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
We follow the needs of our customers, so from the very beginning of new business contact we assign core specialists to the customer, then we fill the remaining vacancies step by step after getting confirmation of stable work load and regular payments.

I am afraid that the app will be shoddy...

Quality will always come first in the process of creating an application. This is important not only to you as our customers and end-users, but in the first place, to our company because we need to prove our good reputation, and to programmers involved in the project in order to demonstrate their value to the company and thus earn more and get satisfaction from their performance.

The app will be made not the way I needed and it will be too late to re-work it...

To meet your expectations, to develop exactly app you need, we will carefully coordinate all the details several times during the conceptual application design phase.

There will be problems with maintenance...

We solve the problems that may arise before, during or after the development of the application, we are not hiding from issues.

I'm afraid that when a new version of the operating system will be released, the program will no longer work

During all our long-standing practice there was not a single case where the release of a new version of the OS caused severe malfunction of applications made by us under earlier versions. But if a new version of the operating system makes it necessary to adapt the application – we will always know first-hand how to do it, and will be the first one who inform the customer about such opportunities for improvement.

I'm afraid that when I want to add new functionality to the program an accompanying programmer will ask:"What a goof wrote all of this?"

We are not afraid of changes, we are ready for them, because we use the principles of Clear Code, Unit Testing and know what Change Management is. So any need to make a change at any stage of the development will not evoke any negative emotions.

In general, I am afraid of shamanism of soft-contractors and try as much as possible to find a standard product

To find and buy a finished product instead of ordering its development – is not always correct. You will not find exactly what you want, it will be always a compromise. In any cases, we will always consult you about advantages and disadvantages before the decision making.

I am afraid that the prices will be exaggerated citing on 'difficulties' which I don't have good grasp of...

Our prices will not be low and will not be high, they will be justified. We explain the cost structure in the language of customer. We would never dare make profit from manipulations, because every single customer turns the situation when our reputation hung in the balance and makes influence on further 100 new customers.

Can you accept fixed budget for the project?

Sure. The only one the most important thing that you have to take into consideration in this case is CLEAR DONE CRITERIA. It is important for both of us to sign off the project. So, Requirement/Specification document should be prepared before the final estimation. Iteration should be planned. More info about fixed-cost project development process yo can find here.

What is your normal hourly rate?

Our hourly rate depends on type of work and qualification of the developer. Please, send us description of your job to get estimations and hourly rate definition.

Can I pay you via PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal do not allow Ukrainian users to receive money. The most preferable way to receive money for us is Wire Transfer.

I am afraid that you won't meet the terms...

Today your application is relevant, but will it still be relevant by the end of development process? We do not make applications faster than all of our competitors in the world, but we have very responsible attitude to the terms. We are able to correctly estimate the timing and risks that may affect them. You will always be promptly informed in case of any terms changes. We always offer reasonable options for shortening the terms.

How long would it take to develop my application?

Please send us as more information about your project and requirements as you can. Then our technical lead will made and provide estimates with work breakdown structure ASAP. Initial estimation process is free of charge.

Project will be made with copyright infringement: developers will take images from other sites. Why should I have these problems?

Any materials used in developed applications (third-party libraries, videos, photos, pictures and text) are accepted for using only under condition of copyright compliance. This will prevent possible problems with the publication of the application and selling it on the App Markets.

I'm afraid that the source code of my programm will be sold to my competitors or used in any other project.

We guarantee non-disclosure, non-competition and your ownership of produced source code according to the conditions stated in our contracts for the implementation of development and maintenance services.

Do you have common requirements to the source code design? Do developers follow them?

All the developers in our company shall comply with the common requirements for designing source code. Monitoring compliance is carried out by development leaders during the code review.

Even if the source code remains with me, nobody will be able to make heads or tails of it.

Permanent refactoring, following the principles of “clear code” will allow, if necessary, to understand quickly our code by any new or third-party developer.

I don't know what the testing is. Why do we need it?

We do not press related services on our clients: testing, documentation development, support and other possibly not quite clear types of jobs. The customer can order these services from other specialized providers or perform the work with their own internal resources. We only advise and only if interested, sell tangible results of such related services.

I do not know how much time should be devoted to testing. Have no idea about it...

For example, there are objective reasons to test applications to ensure their good quality. We strongly recommend not to ignore this type of work, if the customer has improved quality requirements. You can learn more about testing in the internet. You can evaluate the amount of efforts for testing as simply “number of test-case” * avarage time spent for single test-case checking.

All errors testers will reveal in a couple of days, the rest of the time of the software testing - just an excuse of low work speed of employees of the firm and the red tape...

You can always control the volume of tasks for testing (number of test cases), the length of a test (tester’s time assessment to complete each test case), its depth and completeness (what the test case tests: functionality, performance, usability, etc.).

Testers won't find all errors anyway, and I find it easier to ask my 10-20 acquaintances (students, friends, colleagues) so that they get the same result sooner...

Testing – is not simple tapping on all buttons in order to check whether they work. Testing – is one of the techniques of quality control, which includes Test Management, Test Design, Test Execution and Test Analysis. A tester – is an engineer who possesses the skills to test the software, understands the basics of programming in order to know which part is most susceptible to the appearance of errors. Untrained person, not specialist will never be able to disassemble and analyze the project.

It is also important to understand the obvious truth: it is impossible to find all the bugs. The purpose of testing is to find the maximum of critical bugs and most of the remaining bugs in one or more test cycles depending on the desired level of quality.

I'm afraid you can not write proper documentation...

Writing documentation is an important stage in the process of software development. How detailed documentation must be is determined individually in each case. Agile software development methodologies generally minimizes the cost of documentation. But a standard approach to implementing fixed-cost projects strictly requires a detailed documentation. It is a clear description of done criteria. To have defined done criteria is important for the mental health of both parties, the customer and the contractor, to minimize misinterpreting of tasks and painlessly accept/pass the project.

Our team has extensive experience in writing various specifications. We can provide some examples for verifying our maturity in this field.

I'm afraid that you won't be able to write it in such way so that it was clear to my employees who know nothing about programming...

If we are talking about a project for a complex business process and there is a need to write a user guide, high level requirements specification, etc.. Then, of course, the document will be written in the language of the user, without using confusing technical terms. An example can be provided.

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