Specifics of Mobile app testing

Every day many people use mobile phones. Some of them have even more than one phone. With the growing number of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications became more and more popular. Users expect that installed applications are simple, intuitive and work stable. So mobile application development and it’s testing (as a part development lifecycle) is very important nowadays.
Mobile application testing is more complex than testing traditional desktop and web applications. There are specific factors that need to be considered in the testing process:

Why do we need software testing?

Software test engineer is more than profession. It is a proactive way of life and desire to make this life better for all, with feasible and effective ways. Goals of software tester are closest to the business objectives and strategic goals of the company in respect of software product and at the same time deep inside the company as a researcher. So its main qualities are the energy, knowledge and flexibility. In some way, testers are researchers from the world of software development. Therefore, easily recognizable symbol in the hands of the test engineer is a magnifying glass (lens), to observe the bugs.

Tips for customers of mobile applications

The basic principle of success in any market, including the market of mobile applications – is to be easier, more convenient and faster. Business should take into account the fact that, if today it does not pay attention to the benefits of mobility, tomorrow its competitors will take advantage of these benefits.