Gameplan is a priority management software that allows managers & employees to collaborate online to prioritize their projects & tasks. Client Company: Gameplan, Inc. Country: USA Executives Project Lead: Oleksiy Karaykoza Developer: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Development 80%Design 5%Management 15% Technology Android SDK

Money Calculator

Money Calculator – Easy and useful counter for banknote and coins. Supports multiple currencies. Mobiwolf own project for for faster counting of banknote and coins. Client Company: Mobiwolf Country: Ukraine Executives Project Lead: Sergii Adamchuk Developer: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Development 80%Design 5%Management 15% Technology Android SDK

Open Vehicles

Tesla Roadster is a registered Trademark of Tesla Motors, Inc. Brought to you by the open-source OVMS project, finally you can remotely monitor your edge cutting EV — the Tesla Roadster. The app shows the current state of charge (SOC), door/trunk/hood status, tire pressures and temperatures (TPMS), core system temperatures (PEM, motor, and ESS/battery), and…


Each device for life…  Add your images dialogues, thoughts and inform their friends and relatives of the brightest moments of your life… Want to sell something? Add labels and stickers with your price and expose on the general overview of using social networks… Easy, simple, happy… Executives Project Lead: Oleksiy Karaykoza Developer: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Development…


Project helps people to find the cheapest mobile subscription across companies without you have to do other than to download the application.  System collects your consumption data, and calculates across the 10 largest companies (those you know) in Denmark, the best rental for you. You can switch directly through the app or log onto the website…


TappedIn – pre-social matching engine Executives Project Lead: Oleksiy Karaykoza Developer: Mobiwolf Team UI Designer: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Android & iOS Development 40%Design 40%Management 20% Technology Android SDK, Objective-C, Adobe Photoshop, Java Client Company: TappedIn Country: USA