Graveyard has been developed to either help user save the location (GPS Coordinates) of a loved one’s final resting place, or to use mobile phone applications to help user locate a graveside that has already been saved. Once a graveside has been saved on the database, a distinct ID Number is assigned to each graveside…


Web design and development for Ttoolkit - a Hong Kong based company a whole host of handy solutions for local travel within China. Executives Project Lead: Mobiwolf Team Developer: Mobiwolf Team UI design: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Design 20%PHP development 70%Management 10% Technology PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop Client Company: Bob Teng Country: China


Application for service engineers with an ePad (android based, 10" screen). It provides possibility to them to view a list of site visits, choose one, see customer address/phone number details, update their worksheet with word completed and times and parts and have customers sign the pad with a pen to capture their signatures. Pad can…

Tips for customers of mobile applications

The basic principle of success in any market, including the market of mobile applications – is to be easier, more convenient and faster. Business should take into account the fact that, if today it does not pay attention to the benefits of mobility, tomorrow its competitors will take advantage of these benefits.