Nunua - e-commerce solution for Kenyan supermarkets. It is order and delivery system. Executives Developers: Mobiwolf Team Back-end and Admin Panel: Mobiwolf Team UI design: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Android 50%PHP 25%UI design 10%Management 15% Technology Android SDK, PHP, MySQL Client Company: Churchblaze Group Limited Country: Kenya


Ems Find Android, iOS, Web Apps are B2B & B2C on-demand mobile transportation platform is designed to connect the health care providers and patients with near by network of medical transport companies throughout the United States and Canada to set up a medical transportation in timely and efficient way, based on the type of medical…


BuzzShow is a social video service that enhances users experience with YouTube videos and other sources of videos that might be connected to the service. Service has its own virtual currency. Executives Project Lead: Mobiwolf Team Developers: Mobiwolf Team Back-end: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Android 50%Ruby on Rails 35%Management 15% Technology Android SDK, Ruby on Rails…


Graveyard has been developed to either help user save the location (GPS Coordinates) of a loved one’s final resting place, or to use mobile phone applications to help user locate a graveside that has already been saved. Once a graveside has been saved on the database, a distinct ID Number is assigned to each graveside…


Web design and development for Ttoolkit - a Hong Kong based company a whole host of handy solutions for local travel within China. Executives Project Lead: Mobiwolf Team Developer: Mobiwolf Team UI design: Mobiwolf Team Skills used Design 20%PHP development 70%Management 10% Technology PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop Client Company: Bob Teng Country: China