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Ems Find Android, iOS, Web Apps are B2B & B2C on-demand mobile transportation platform is designed to connect the health care providers and patients with near by network of medical transport companies throughout the United States and Canada to set up a medical transportation in timely and efficient way, based on the type of medical transportation that fits patient’s needs.

There are 3 types of users: Transportation Provider, Healthcare Provider, Patient. The solution is Uber-like application that allows to register, login user, search for appropriate transport, submit order, track the car on the map, post the review and share information.


Project Lead: Mobiwolf Team

Developers: Mobiwolf Team

UI designer: Mobiwolf Team

Skills used

Android Development 35%
iOS Development 35%
PHP 20%
Management 10%


Android SDK, Objective-C, Adobe Photoshop, PHP, MySQL


Company: EMS Find, Inc.

Country: USA