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Application for service engineers with an ePad (android based, 10″ screen). It provides possibility to them to view a list of site visits, choose one, see customer address/phone number details, update their worksheet with word completed and times and parts and have customers sign the pad with a pen to capture their signatures. Pad can ‘sync’ twice a day with MS SQL server. Once to receive the list of site visits and once to send any updated data back to the SQL server.


Project Lead: Sergii Adamchuk

Developer: Mobiwolf Team

UI Designer: Mobiwolf Team

Skills used

Android Development 70%
Design 10%
Management 20%


Android SDK, Adobe Photoshop, Java


Company: Alcom Computing

Country: United Kingdom


  • Project: Android App for Android Pad. Bug fixes and enhancements to Android App. Alcomnet.

    “A superb coder that is very helpful and understanding with our ideas and suggest great workarounds.”

    Abraham Almosawi
    Alcom Computing, Technical Director (UK)